Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Valentines Gift!!!

This month I am hosting a free gift giveaway!!! If you purchase a photostand from my Etsy shop
you will receive a free keychain with 3 surprise charms!  Here's a sample of one that has been sent:

I also revamped my packaging because I found the cutest cupcake edge hole puncher. I found this at the craft store, and it is by Martha Stewart. There were many other beautiful designs but I just had to have the cupcake one!

My free giveaway is till VALENTINE'S DAY so hurry!!!!


Christopher G said...

sweet deal!

iam.mai said...

omg i love your packaging!

Mei said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the follow :) hehe you make very tasty looking photo holders. And I love your new craft puncher! I never would have thought of that - that's a great idea. Don't worry I won't steal it ;) I was just at some craft stores the other day and I just got myself a really neat toy and a scalloped edge craft puncher that I needed so desperately :P

I hope your giveaway goes well!

Otete said...

Thank you CG and Mai!
Mei thank you also for following me! I think I am obssesed with these puches too now! I also saw a candy and a cake one! Being a pack rat, I might need t o start a new collection of punches! eeeek!

kate said...

i love your work you are truly amazing