Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I use.

HI! Today I  would like to share with all of you 2 brands of paper clay that I love to use for 90% of my clay sweets!
First is a Japanese light weight paper clay called Hearty.

"Hearty" is a super lightweight modeling clay, amazingly light, pliant and easy to handle.
It is almost foam like because it is so light and it is water soluble and air dries. Because of this nature I can add the many realistic textures like the cracks and creases in cookies and ice cream.
It comes in many colors but I prefer to add acrylic paint to make my own custom colors!
you can find many stores selling this over the web or on Etsy. If you live in Hawaii, you can purchase it at Ben Franklin Crafts, for a pretty good price!

I also found a local Hawaii brand selling their own version of this light weight paper clay, which I also like. It is called Claycraft by Deco

They are a company specializing in realistic looking clay flowers for special occassions and weddings. Check out their amazing website and blog for what is possible with the use of their clay and where to purchase it!

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