Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little secret

I have a secret to tell you...
I'm actually a Textile designer by day!
I was in New York working for a private Women's wear company when the economy went sour and our bussiness went down.  After the lay off I thought it was the perfect time to move back to Hawaii and start to work more heavily on my crafting. Being in New York was great but I barely had time to do any crafting. I have just been recruited by a NY studio and I can continue to create prints and sell them around the world from home in Hawaii. Yay!
Here are some samples of my work.

This was my first sold print! It was for Chicos.
If you are interested in my work you can see my on-line portfolio here:


iam.mai said...

you're so talented!

Otete said...

So are you! GO TO SLEEP!

Christopher G said...