Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami warning for Hawaii

Good Saturday!
I hope you are doing well! As for me, my family and I are sitting and waiting to see if the Tsunami created by the earthquake in Chile will hit our Islands! Actually, I should say, that we are waiting to see how big the waves become because they ARE coming our way! We are pretty calm here because we are far enough inland to not be in an evacuation zone but the whole island is pretty crazy from what I can see on the news. Gas in my town is nearly sold out as is water and canned goods! I guess it is better to be prepared. I was planning to start taking pics for my new spring line of sweets but it looks like that plan will be stalled. Booooo, but safety first!
Above is a sneak peek and some custom orders.
To my Hawaii kawaii friends, please be safe!


Sensible Obsessions said...

I hope you guys stay safe!
Yeah when a hurricanwas going to hit the state we were in one yer everyone freaked out and bought up the same supplies.

Rather safe then sorry I guess.

Those are adorable♥

I love the pink one with the brown icing dripping down the bottom.

Otete said...

Thank you sweetie!
I am glad the chaos is over and I can get back to my cakes!

Anonymous said...

Hi! What about the tsunami? I hope you've never been too much in panic :-(
I've already buyed some of your wonderful items. Now I would like to buy some cupcakes but I can see them only on your blog: I can't ithem on etsy...what can I do?



Otete said...

Hi Beba!
I remember you! I will convo you through Etsy sso we can work it all out!
thank you for being such a huge supporter of mine!
See you on Etsy!

kimB james said...

dang girl you give me a tooth ache. these are so sweet and cute!

Otete said...

Thank you! Congrats to you and Chris too!