Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enter this great contest for a chance to win some of my sweets!

I'm back from L.A.! Had a great time with some old friends, and was able to get some supplies that I can't get here in Hawaii. Don't miss the smog there though, ugh!
Anyhoo, kawaiifriendscafe and kawaiifriends are sponsoring prizes for a awesome makeup contest hosted by Nea on youtube! Please visit her channel here:
Nea is a Makeup artist in Colorado and has a huge following through her wonderful channel! She is super talented and artistic and posts new looks weekly!

There are alot of great prizes offered, and if you want to see what I donated, please watch the vid!
Thanks to Nea and good luck to everyone!

1 comment:

iam.mai said...

i like your new background! glad you're back! i found some cute earrings for candyLULU<3

miss you...