Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Girls Day!

Hinamatsuri is today, March 3rd! This is a day to celebrate children in Japan! At my home we usually set up our Japanese court dolls and eat cake! I found this old picture of me and some friends! I think it was for Childrens day or some kind of traditional Japanese celebration. We don't look happy because we had to balance those gold things on our heads and they would fall every 2 seconds! lol
Anyhoo, eat some cake and appreciate some kids!


beba77 said...

Hi! I would like to buy some of the cupcakes below, but they aren't on etsy shop :-(

Otete said...

Hi Beba!
If you let me know which ones I can put them on hold for you! I am still taking pics for the store. I have alot of new stuff coming so let me know before they are gone!

beba77 said...

Ok! Thank you!!! So...I like the pink one with the cherry. As soon as you put on etsy, I'll buy it. Thank you!!!

beba77 said...

...and the chocolate one with the cherry, please ^_____________^ they 're wonderful!!!!!!