Sunday, April 4, 2010

For the Fair!

Happy April friends!
I've been hard at work, preparing for the mini craft fair! I made of bunch of items that I have not tried before and am quite pleased with the way they came out!
I decided to make a little cakes series.
Strawberry short cake.

Blueberry puff pastry bars.

Black Forest Cake.

Almond and Orange Marmalade Cakes.

A few new cupcakes!

I tried a new ice cream shape! I usually do the softserve twist or just round balls but decided to make them look more realistic. I exaggerated the fluff around the bottom a little but love how they turned out!

Made some new Donut alarm clocks too!

I have so many other ideas to test out but this is what I have for now! These items will only be available for the craft fair but if there are any leftovers, they will be posted to the shop on Etsy.
If you are interested in any of these items, I may be able to replicate it, so leave me a message!
I'm also juggling a few commision pieces, a trade, and my sisters wedding card invites! These hands will be very busy!
See you soon!


Mo said...

OMG, these are amazing!!! I think the cupcakes might be my favorites, but it's a tough decision. :)

Ascension said...

Parecen tan reales!!!!!!
Es un trabajo perfecto, dan ganas de comerselos.
besitos ascension

Otete said...

Thank you friends!
If only I had the skills to make them super tiny like you Mo!

Leanne said...

I like the new icecream shape =)
It is somewhat more realistic ^^

Mini Mo said...

Hi Otete!
I love your work and I respect you as an artist. Therefore i would like to ask you if i could deco clocks as well, not copy your designs but to put clay on clocks and then design them in my own way.I even know that my dough would look different from yours :) Im not sure but I think i saw clocks decorated in similar way somewhere on japanese blog but can't tell where now :( I haven't seen anyone else doing it, maybe because they don't know how... You're the only one decorating clocks I know and i don't want to break the copyrights or offend you in any way.
I would understand if you say no. I try to create original pieces too and i know how you might feel. But on the other hand everyone is decorating jewellry boxes, picture frames etc you name it, but you're only one I know decorating clocks :) So before I will start making them or selling, I would like to know if you have anything against this.

I couldn't find your email so i posted this here. I will understand if you wont publish it on your blog. If you'd like to contact me privately here's my email:

Thank you for your time
Mini Mo

Otete said...

Mini- I have been in the art field for some time now and I have to say there is a really fine line between being inspired or straight biting someones work. It's up to you as an artist to determine if you want to explore your own creativeness or try someones technique to experience the process. It just becomes a problem when it is done for profit.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person ever to decorate a clock!
If you are not sure of copyright laws you can google it.
This is a craft and there is not one way to make something. If you imitate my "donut clocks" I'm pretty sure it would not look the same.
All in all I really don't care! I look at miniature food artists work everyday for inspiration!
Please use your own judgement but most of all have fun!