Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gearing up! Sweets Deco mania!

Hi! Hope you are having a sweet Sunday!
I have one week to go for my first ever craft fair! I am so excited but exhausted!
Yesterday I spent most of the day designing and putting together hand tags. I just wanted to brand everything. Here they are...

I took a photo of one of my cookies drizzled in chocolate and did a little magic in Photoshop and Illustrator. Then I just puched it out with a heart shaped paper puncher!
I love it! The "handmade with love" part is hard to see but I wanted to fit that in somewhere.
I have to make like 150 of these! The worst part is threading it so it can hang from the charms! I just made things more difficult for myself but that's what I like to do!

I also started a mock set up of my table to see how I want to display things.

I'm using my Japanese donut print fabric as a table runner and cork boards for all the cupcake, ice cream, and cookie straps. I still have a few more projects to whip up like I-phone cases and towl hooks!

Oh and I also made tons of business cards!

I used my sweets wall paper for the backs and made 20 different front images! I will put these in the bags I will use at the fair. The bags are pretty cute too!

Uh sorry it's hard to see but it says" lovely sweets for you"!

So off to making donuts and pocky sticks now! Hope to sell tons so I'm gunna make tons!=)


Anonymous said...

Oh how i wish i were able to make it to that fair:( Good Luck!! Everyone is gonna LOVE them!!!

Otete said...

Genny! Thank you for all your support! I will try my bestest!

Leanne said...

Love the stuff, and how you are going to set up the table :) Everythought of a stairway look? Like under al you cupcakes and the second stairs all the hanging earrings and on the top of the second stair you boxes?
just a idea :)

Otete said...

Ahh yes Leanne that is a good idea! I think adding more height and levels will help to seperate the different items! thank you fr the suggestion!