Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work in progress

Well the craft fair is fast approaching, and I really want to have alot of diiferent things to sell.
I made about 40 cupcakes yesterday and a few other goodies!

Those are little pill cases in the front.

New Jelly type whip that I came up with! It lost some of it's texture because it was too wet but I like the "jelly-ness" of it! Secret recipe for now. hehe

Ginger cookie girls! These will be charms. Aren't they cute!

A small hand mirror! I am so happy with this, look at it!!!!

It is quite small yet handy! I need to make more of these!

A deco mess! This is how I do it. Organized chaos!
OK, now I'm off to do some custom orders. See you soon sweeties!


Anonymous said...

Your artistic abilities never cease to amaze!!

Ascension said...

Que trabajadora estas!!!!!
Mucha suerte en la feria!!!!
Te ha quedado todo genial!!!
El espejo es una gran idea, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

juno-rose octavia said...

Hey! i'm placing your button on my page. :)
i love your creations and creativity.

juno rose octavia

Otete said...

Thank you Juno-Rose!
I love your fashion blog! You have a new fan!

Otete said...

Jenny-thank you for your kind words! Always!

Otete said...

Ascension-Muchos Gracias!