Sunday, May 23, 2010

SWEETS DECO Little Pill Case

Hello my sweet cakes!
I have been a little absent and I apologize! I just started a new design job and have been asked to do a huge, top secret, project for a new company. I will most likely be consumed with making hundreds of items but will try to sneak in a few things for myself and for the Etsy shop!
I made these cute little pill cases last month and forgot about them! I'm posting pics here for a potential customer.

I also finished topping off this candy soda float!

I topped it with pink whip, pastel sprinkles, and a strawberry gummy candy!!!

It hangs from a pink strap. Here it is on my camera pouch.

One last exciting note! I went to Ala Moana Shopping center yesterday to help my sister fit her Wedding band and discovered that Q-Pot Japan is opening a boutique soon!!!!!  I died and went to heaven! 
I am already setting aside a Q-Pot shopping spree fund!
"Designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu (Harajuku/Tokyo, Japan) has a sweet tooth. Inspired by many things from his daily life and happenings, the designer molds cake-inspired shapes into fresh original creations for his label, Q-Pot accessories. 
Tadaaki’s working process involves sketching his desired image and creating a prototype using wax. He then cuts down the wax to create an ideal shape before before casting it in metal.  Each Q-pot design goes through this same process.
The Q-Pot Concept
Q-Pot is more than an accessory, it is a communicative vehicle between people. See a whipped cream ring or a spongy macaroon on someone’s finger and it’s hard not to strike up a conversation. Q stands for Quality and Q-Pot accessories aim to make people happy, positive and excited."

Lemon Honey Series

Cherries Series

Whip Cream Wedding rings!

Strawberry fondue series.

Popcorn series. Looks so real!

One of the stores in Japan! 
I can't wait! I only got my hands on one key chain so far, so now I can start my collection! Yay!


Yokohama said...

I love your work, is perfect! Congratulations! (^___^)/

LeejLicious said...

I love the pill cases they look so adorable!
I love Q-pot !!! You lucky ass!

Otete said...

Thank you ladies!
Lee- I am lucky! LOL I will try to take some pics once the store opens!

Sugary said...

I didn't know Q Pot...I find it simply lovely! Unfortunately I think that in Italy doesn't exist...but luckily I saw, on the site, the e-shop!
I guess I'll spend all Saturday morning to discover the wonders of the site by Q Pot!
Thank you!!


Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

your sweets creations are totally cute!!! i love it so much !!!