Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Vintage Outfit

It's summertime! I found some great little pieces and they are all available in the CandyLULU vintage shop over on Etsy.  I'm a huge vintage t-shirt fan and found this little gem in NY. It's a little worn, just how I like  it, and would look cute over some skinny jeans! I put together some adorable yet chic accessories to go with it.
Nautical Vintage Tee $15

Eggshell and wood Oxfords! $28

Basket Bag with leather details. $32 LOOOOVE!!!

Nautical Striped Enamel Earrings. $9

Lot's more cute summer vintage where these came from! Check it out!

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Leanne said...

That looks so vintage =3!