Sunday, July 18, 2010

SWEETS DECO Candy and Cookies

Hello friends!
Yesterday I noticed that I was running low on my candy supply so I made new ones!
I made a bunch of mini lollipops, some balls, star sprinkles, and hard candies stamped with K for Kawaii!
I put a little too much pigment in the clay for the lime colored ones so the darker ones on the bottom left will not become transparent. Oh well!

Here's my finger in the pic for scale. The little ones are about 2 inches!

I also made some larger sized cookies. I wanted a bigger size so I can really load the candy decorations on there! I will post the outcomes next week since the clay for the candy takes several days to dry.

Last but not least, here is a sweets topped tart! 
It's around the size of my palm. I was planning to make it into a card holder but I am not sure yet.

Thats all for today folks! I am off to test some new ideas with resin. Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweeties!


Sugary said...

ooooh! I love sweets topped tart!!
You're incredible!!

Otete said...

Thank you sugary!

Anonymous said...

how do you get the prints of the circle cookies in the third picture on the clay?

Otete said...

Hello Anonymous!
Everything you see is made from some kind of clay so there is no printing. Are you talking about the chocolate chip cookie? The chips are made from chunks of brown clay and not painted. I have a tutorial on it!

Leanne said...

I am feeeling zo hungreyyy! I love how you make it <3