Sunday, August 15, 2010

SWEETS DECO candy, jellies, and gummies!

So my sisters wedding has passed and I now have some free time to get back to my sweets! It was alot of fun and the weather was perfect!

We could see all of Waikiki from the ceremony!

It was held at the famous pink hotel, The royal Hawaiian.

                I made so many candies the last time so I used them to make new floating candy charms.

I realized that if I put to many sprinkles it's hard to see all the candy so I also made some without them.

I also put in some of those colorful strawberries!

Here are some floating candy Jellies.

No sprinkes in these.

I found this cute mold on ebay! I love it!

Made this charm with beads hanging in the center of the star.

I also made these cute Gummie Bears! This is simply resin and acrylic!

These bears are a little larger than the average ones so they work well for making them into charms.
I put a little to much color in the pink ones so they look kind of creamy. They were my first batch so I learned to put less color!
Trial and error people!

Little hard candy musical notes! These came out perfect and really look like they are edible!

I'm having fun with resin and will be making alot more! I'm really happy with the Gummie Bears so I want to make tons of cute colors!
Thanks for looking and have a sweet day!


Adelia said...

What a beautiful work!!
I´m curious - is this transparent work made of air dry clay or sculpey/fimo transparent clay ? It´s so perfectly clear! Love it!!

Afro Alice said...

they are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! awesome job :]

Otete said...

Adelia- These are made with resin! That's why they are so clear!

Otete said...

Thank you Alice!

Anonymous said...

Were or what kind of mold did you use to make the heart floating gellys? I really like it! Can I find anything similar?

Otete said...

I used a heart shaped rubber mold! You can google it. Many are sold for soap making and candy making. I bought mine in Japan so if you have any Japanese specialty stores in your area you can check there.

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I did try googling it but
couldn't find anything similar or just like it! I really love the way you designed it! your such an Inspiration to me! & I wish I did have those types of stores in my area, or I'd be there all the time! Do you think you could sell me one just like it? or give me a website to buy it on that has the same thing?
Please? I just love it.

Otete said...

Huh, I found tons!

I like this site. Maybe type in candy molds or silicone molds.

I got mine in Japan so I can't sell you one but I've seen rubber ice trays in heart shapes at Target, Ikea, Walmart, Kitchen supply stores.

You really have to get creative because there are no tools made specific for this craft!

Hope this helps and good luck! =)