Thursday, September 30, 2010

SWEET DECO Floating Candy Star Night Light!

It's been rainy here in Hawaii, so I've been staying in and working on more projects!
Here's a new product. I found these cute little star night lights, and attached my floating candy discs with a star cut out on them! I love how it came out! The light shines through perfectly, and even through some of the more transparent candies!  The package says that they are LED lights and will last for up to 14 years! I don't know about that but you save 95% on electricity opposed to a regular type of night light. All's you have to do is stick it in the socket!

I will be adding this one and a few other designs, to the shop soon!
Have a good one folks!


Mini Mo said...

Well there is nothing else I could say rather than: it's freaking genius! :D

Claire said...

Ahhhh I love this!!!
A magical light to the bathroom!!!
I want one!

Otete said...

Thank you sweeties!