Sunday, October 24, 2010

SWEETS DECO Star Sprinkles

Hi! I made some new pastel colored star sprinkles!
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Mini Mo said...

They look cute! :) But I have a question. You propobaly made them with craft puncher, so I would like to ask: did you cut them when the clay was dry or still soft? I tried to cut some sprinkles but clay was sticking inside of the puncher :( Should I roll it flat and let it dry first?

Otete said...

Mini- I do not use craft punchers! But if I did I would roll the clay out thin and let it dry before punching because those punchers are made for paper and this way it would not give you the problem your having.

My #1 advice: trial and error, see what works best for you! I found what works for me by working countless hours and going through many packs of clay. Everyone has a different hand and their own methods.

Have Fun!

Mini Mo said...

Thank you for help! I usually use tiny cutters but it's just a time consuming :(

Ally said...

Perfect ♥
I love your stars!
You are so talented!
The color is just awesome too