Saturday, February 5, 2011

SWEETS DECO Loading up on candy & pie crusts

Happy sweet Saturday friends!
I've been working on loading up on candy to start some new cupcakes! My process is usually to make the cakes first, and while they are drying I will make the sweets that go onto the frosting!
Jelly Beans.

Tiny hard candies.

Polymer clay ropes that will be cut into little jimmies!

Floating candy domes,bears,and hard candies for other projects.
Oh and a soft serve shaped candy!

My mama sent me some Wood Formo clay from Japan!
Dries kind of heavy like ceramic but it has a nice grainy-ness to it that makes it look like real pie crust!

Little tart crusts.

Prepping the cupcakes to get frosted and sweetified!

After I finish these today, Moo and I will be going to the beach before it starts raining, which is in the forecast.  She can now dunk her head under the water to get her toy! It's so amazing to see her do this now because she was so afraid of the water before.  Looks like she learned to breath out of her nose when diving. I can see the bubbles blowing out!

I will post the finished cakes soon! Enjoy your weekend my Kawaii friends!


Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow I'm always so amazed with your creations! you have so much talent one can not describe! these candies look so real :D well done!!

Otete said...

Thank you Ester!