Thursday, March 24, 2011

SWEETS DECO Finished projects

Hi friends!
I've been deathly ill this week with a weird cold but luckily I didn't get a sore throat or cough! I managed to finish some sweets. Some are going off to a store in Spain and some are for a craft fair in April. I also started some limited edition, Japan relief cupcakes! I will be donating 100% of the sales to the Red Cross to help with the disaster relief in Japan, plus I will match the total at the end of April! I hope you will help friends!
Tea cup Parfait Photo Stands! Clip your pic behind the waffle cookie!

Soda float Photo Stands!

Jelly Donut Alarm Clocks!

My best seller! Donut hooks are back!

First batch of Japan relief cupcakes!

I will be posting these here, and in my Etsy shop, next week and I will be selling them at Art and Flea in April.
Let's do what we can to help our friends in Japan!

Thank you sweeties!


Shelly. said...

OH MY GOD THOSE LOOK SO DELICIOUS I'M LITERALLY DROOLING OVER THEM!!! Wow, you seriously have talent. The way you decorate those doughnuts, cupcakes and ice creams just looks so yummy, cute and sweet! Adorable! :) I wish you good luck with your business!


Caro-chan said...

These all look so tasty! XD I know I can't eat them, but I want to!

The Candy Sanctuary said...

They all look amazing! :D

Miss Mandah said...

I absolutely love the ice cream cups!!

Otete said...

Shelly- Wonderful comments like yours, motivate me to create more! Thank you friend!

Carochan- If they were real I would have nothing to share with you folks cause i would eat them too! =)


Miss Mandah- Yay! I'm glad to get good feed back! Thanks!

dolcemente ( Ryoko ) said...

Tea cup Parfait!
Volume Wow!
Stomach is full!(^0^)

Otete said...

Ryokosan- Watashiwa gyunyuga haitterumonowa zenzen damenandesu! =( Dakara fake sweets wa heekidesu!