Sunday, May 1, 2011

SWEETS DECO Cupcakes for Japan Donation!

HI my Kawaii friends!
This is an update to my continuing efforts to support relief for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
I made my first donation to the Red Cross today! In total I sold 10 cupcakes so far from the Etsy shop, here on the blog, and a few at the Art and Flea fair. Thank you so much to all that supported! And as promised I have matched that total to donate a final total of $200!
To my new Kawaii Friends who helped, please send me pics of you with your cupcakes to put in the customer appreciation gallery!
I will continue to sell them at the Art and Flea fairs and you can contact me here if you are interested in one.

Thanks again friends! Domo Arigatogozaimashita!

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