Friday, July 22, 2011

SWEETS DECO Parfait photo stands in progress

Happy Friday Friends!
Here's an update on some projects.

They are coming along!

made a new batch of Jelly Beans.

Also working on some new loaded pill cases.

I have a busy weekend! See ya friends!


candyheart♥ said...


I really want to buy a set of gummy bear-pins and rings!!
But I didn't found them on etsy :(

Otete said...

Hi Sweetie!
These items are for a fair and I usually post the left overs in the Etsy shop over the next week.
I'll keep you posted!
As for packaging, I make everything myself on the computer!
=) Love your look! Kawaii!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you could make some tutorials on your cupcakes and ice cream creations! They are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I would understand if you prefer not to, but LOL keep up the great work!