Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Hawaii Exclusive Sweets!

Hi Kawaii Friends!
Hope you all are having a sweet holiday season!
I am working on some Hawaiian themed sweets to be sold in a new "Made in Hawaii" store here. Here are some of my proposals. Hope they like and accept  them!
                                                                     Little plate magnets
Tropical fruit tart, macnut chocolate chip cookie, guava jam sugar cookie,
   macnut chocolate bar
Mango ice cream with mango sauce, Chocolate donut with coconut flakes, Malasada Portuguese donut,
Mango jam cookie.

Pineapple jam cookie, Chocolate Kona Coffee cookie, Chocolate Plumeria flower,
Chocolate truffle with Mac nut

Haupia Coconut Cream Donut, Tropical Fruit Jelly Donut, and Kona Coffee Glazed with Sprinkles

Thanks for looking friends!

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