Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Honolulu Festival pics

Hi friends! Just wanted to thank all those who supported me over the weekend at the Honolulu Festival. I had so much fun seeing good friends and meeting new ones! Here's some pics that I took!
Magnet sets!
Instagram-ing with new friends. My user name is sweetsdeco!
Floating candy keychains and cookie cases!
Sweets keychains!
My display.
Parfait photo stands!
Kawaii Friends!
Next event is Art and Flea at the end of the month! See you friends!


Kawaii Cupcake Shop said...

Your stuff is oh so cute!! Wish I lived close enough to go to the art and flea..they don't have anything like that around where I live..it looks like so much fun

Otete said...

Thank you Kawaii Cupcake! Im sure there are many craft fairs around you if you search!