Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hi Friends!
New items are in the shop now! Cases for the I-Phone 4 was requested so many times that I finally made some!

All sweets parts are handmade by me and no 2 designs are alike! I never use any pre-made plastic parts.
$42.50 plus free shipping 
I will be posting many more over the next few days!

Thanks for looking friends and have a sweet day!


Kim said...

You're always an inspiration to me! And the cases look delicious!

PS have you seen the squishy donut tutorial? It links to a site where you can buy soft polyurethane foam for cupcakes!!!

Kawaii Friends Cafe said...

Thank you Kim!
I have tried that stuff for cupcakes but I don't like it because you cannot control the shape! I also like my sweets to be and the hard side for durability. But it is cool!