Sunday, January 31, 2010

Citrus Slices

Hi! Having a good weekend?
I am finishing up a bunch of custom orders today. I have also finished some slices of citrus that I have been trying to perfect. I think they came out alright, but the backs are a little dirty with smeared white paint.
I used Surerukun clay for the transparent, juicy parts, and paper clay for the rind. I also painted inbetween each slice white and added seeds for the larger lemon slices.
What do you think?


genny328 said...

Amazing!!! How did u get them to have the texture of a citrus fruit?

Otete said...

Hi Genny!
I curved a tiny piece of paper in half and used the edge as a stamp to imprint the clay.

Ally said...

You are really talented! They almost look real =)