Monday, January 25, 2010

New and Old Re-ment minis

My sister got me a new box of Re-ment miniatures yesterday and I was so happy to see that it was a SWEETS theme! I haven't been collecting lately and have lost track of all the new sets that came out recently. I think she pick out a pretty good one!

Thank you Nutty! (yes I call my sis nutty=))
I've also been going through my old stuff and decided to make some jewelry with the loose sets for my other Etsy store.

A customizable donut charm bracelet.

Tutti frutti parfait necklace.

Wakey wakey Eggs and Bakey necklace!

Elephant Tea party necklace!

Chocoate cake and hot cocoa necklace!
Like these? Theres more in the shop!
Please check it out!=)

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