Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweets Deco NEW ITEMS!

Hi! I thought I only had a day left to finish things up so I made as many things as I could yesterday! Then my sister reminded me that I was a day off and that I have 2 days left! Haha I lost track because I have been non stop making things. Yay at least I have a extra day now.

Donut Hooks for small towels or keys and such.

I-Phone Cases

Fruit Tart Small Hand Mirrors

Medium sized hand mirror.

More mirrors and an update to my cookie cases!
More to come! Lots of pics to take!


Leanne said...

Those cooky cases look soo realistic!! And I love how unique the donuts are looking!!

Otete said...

Thank you Leanne!

Anonymous said...

WOW, your work is amazing! Congratulations!

k said...

Hi, when & where (on Oahu) is the craft fair? Love your work!

Otete said...

Npamemandeflores-thank you!
k-Ben Franklin Enchanted Lakes Sat. the 24th!