Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A long absence

I apologize for the long absence in posting! I have been busy with my new textile design job and my super huge commissioned job! Been making sweets like a factory, I'm talking hundreds of little treats, and i can't believe the month is almost over! I don't have much to share but here's a sneak peek into my secret project. I will announce it in September when the product line launches and promise to make a great promotional

Star shaped sugar cookies in the raw.



Little pink star sprinkles!

Grape ice cream. Is there such a flavor?

Whip cream dollops.
Thats all folks! Have a sweet day!


Ascension said...

Que gran produccion!!!
Te han quedado todo de maravilla y muy real!!
besitos ascension

Patricia said...

Wow!!! I love seeing "wholesale" production!!! The ice cream looks so yummy!

Leanne said...

I was waiting so long to hear form you ^^!
I love again what you do, and is that shop already opened?!

Sugary said...

Finally you're back! ... I'm so happy and curious to see your creations!

Maria João ♥ said...

Hello Terumi! How are you? :D

I only have one thing to say about your crafts: WOW!
I can't believe how good you are!:D what an amazing talent!
I'm now your follower to be always updated about your new creations.

I love the fact that you are from Hawaii, how cool is that!! You're very lucky, you know that? :p

Regards from your new european/portuguese fan,


Otete said...

Thank you ladies!
The new project is a collaboration and that line will launch in September!

BITA said...

You are the best!!!!!
I love love to look at your wonders:O))))))
I can't wait to see what you will make,yeesssss.....
Big Smooches