Thursday, August 26, 2010

Japan Loot WOOT WOOT!

No sweets today but I got some sweet Japanese goods from my sister!
My favorite mascara by Canmake! This is the one thing I requested and she had a hard time finding it but she did and I'm happy!

Fuwa Fuwa paper clay. This will be good for making ice creams and macarons!

A padded Takoyakikun plush pouch for my camera!

A mini fan that plugs into your computer! Very handy here in Hawaii.

A cute polka dot top from Uniqlo.

A Uniqlo vest. I miss the store in New York.I believe it's the only US store.

I ordered this from Strapya. Poison fruit collection! It fits my ipod perfectly!

Yum Yums!!!!!
I was very excited to see this old Hallmark design! Does anyone remember them?
Cute animals with different sweets themes.

I got a lanyard and 2 candy scented plush straps for my car keys.

That's all for today. I have alotof new projects in the works and will share them with you over the weekend.
Bye bye!


DennouParanoia said...

Awww! I wishi had somebody in Japan to send me cools things! Especially deco stuff because i bet you anything that its cheaper there.

Otete said...

yeah! You can but deco items at the 100yen shop! (dollar store)