Sunday, August 29, 2010

SWEETS DECO donuts and candy

Hi friends!
Here are some new glazed donuts and candies!

These are French Cruellers with a simple sugar glaze.

I also made little berries with resin to get that real juicy look!

Large strawberries. The one on the left is golden. I will make charms with these as soon as I figure out how to make the tops.

I made more floating candy sodas. I put tiny straws in them!

I also worked on a whole bench of gummie bears and hard candies!

Some of the bears have little flavor bits in them.

Here are some new Heart floating candy cases.

A new batch of sprinkles.
I am working on making a good stock of new items for the holidays now and making new packaging.
I will share the new projects as they come along!
Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


DennouParanoia said...

Omg! Your berries looks so pro! I can't find any good molds for raspberries and such butyours are awesome! And those strawberries! They purple one looks epic! Your sprinkles look so professional too! Do you roll yours out by hand or use that sculpey tool? You are pro in my book.

Lisa said...

They look amazing. Can you do a tutorial for them ?

Mini Mo said...

Aaah! I lkove the gumy bears and candies! :d May i ask how did you make little berries? Did you make your own mould for it? they look quite cool :)

Otete said...

Dennou- i hand roll all my sprinkles! I found a rubber berry mold on ebay made by Scorpin productions.

Lisa-I will do a donut tute as soon as possible!

Mini- see first reply.

Thanks ladies for the nice comments and for looking!

claire said...

So cuteeeee!
You are so talented!!!!!!

Otete said...

Thanks Claire!

Anonymous said...

What kind of resin do you use!?
so cool

Otete said...

I use easy clear from the hardware store. It's a 2 part type.