Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SWEETS DECO Trade with Ryoko of Dolce Mente

Hi Friends!
Today I want to showcase the work of Ryoko Kato. She is the only "sweets deco" instructor at a accredited school in Japan! She found me through my blog, and we became friends, so we decided to do a little swap since our styles are so different!
This is what I got!
A Macaron Charm! It looks soooooo real! I love her sophisticated colors and the attention to every little detail.
The Macaron is only around 2 inches! Look at the tiny seeds in the juicy orange!
Love it!
She also included a full set of the Lipton Spoon Sweets Strap Series! I almost cried! 
They are so Kawaii! These come with limited edition bottles of Lipton tea in Japan! You know how I love my miniatures!
Yay! Deco supplies! She also wanted me to try her favorite brand of acrylic paints.
Tons of yummy candy! Some of which I will make molds out of with Oyumaru.
Arigato Kyokosan!
Please visit her blog and support her web shop!

As for me, I just got my shipment of supplies and am working on popular items that have sold out!
Stay tuned and thanks for looking!


dolcemente ( Ryoko ) said...

Thank you otete, on trade together!
You used bright colors, and style is the opposite of me.
I'm glad to have new friends.
korekaramo tomodachide iyou!

Anonymous said...

Ive been following her too,she is extremely talented! Oh,the things she could prob teach us! Im so jealous I almost cried!!:p Genny

Cupcake said...

Her stuff is so awesome...I love the detail in the orange slice, it looks so life like...I am also jealous of your lipton sweets spoons, it seems as if Japan has the coolest stuff. Also,I would really like to purchase some of her stuff..How would I be able to do this in American money?

Otete said...

Genny! I know!

Cupcake- There's so much competition between brands in Japan that almost everything comes with a free gift!
(Also smart marketing to get you to buy more!)
Unfortunately the shipping costs are too high for her to offer us her goods. If your willing to pay $20 plus for shipping then I'm sure you can work something out with her!