Thursday, March 10, 2011

SWEETS DECO work in progress

Hi friends!
Here are a few things I'm working on!

                                                       Thanks for looking. Good night!
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Nina said...


dolcemente ( Ryoko ) said...

It is a lot of sweets parts!
This is what will jam cookie?

good night!(^0^)

Anonymous said...

Hi again, I cant wait to see the finished clocks,there always my fav! Also,i would like to ask u,i have been succesful in all my sweets deco making(i think;p) except in making flaky type millefuielle?napoleon type pastries,ivetried mixing baking soda,rolling it beyond paper thin like real pastry,baking the clay and no luck:(any tricks u can share?i notice Ryoko has an amazing one on her blog, so frustrating! Any tips would be greatly appreciated:)Genny

Otete said...


Ryoko- Hai soodesu! Daijyobudesuka? Shinpaidesu.

Genny!-I'll make a special tut for you cause this one is a special trick!

Claire said...

That frame is amazing!!!!

Otete said...

Thanks Claire! So are you!