Sunday, April 3, 2011

FEATURED ARTIST: Mia of Mia's Closet

Happy Sundae friends!
Today is the 119th anniversary of the first Ice Cream Sundae created in my heart city New York!
Yay! So we should celebrate and eat lot's of ice cream! Soy for me.=(
Kawaii Friends cafe loaded Sundae!

But today I wanted to share a kawaii item I got for Moo Moo while trolling Etsy for Japan relief items to help out with! I found this Japanese artist that hand makes the cutest dog collars and leashes. Her name is Mia and her shop is Mia's Closet. She uses kawaii Japanese fabrics and sews everything from scratch! It is very high quality at a affordable price. She is also donating part of the proceeds to help with the Japan tsunami relief efforts!  Moo loves her new goodies!
Thank you Mia! 
Moos on her favorite cat bed from when she was a puppy. She still tries to squeze into it!

The red pops great on her!

Here are some of my favs from her shop.

There's many, many more designs!

Incidentally, her puppy Wan, looks like Moo!

Mia and Wan thank you so much from Moo and I! Arigato!
Mata yoroshiku!


Caro-chan said...

Those collars are so cuuuuute! I really want to pick one up for my sister's dog! Thanks for the link!

Your dog is so adorable too!

Otete said...

Yay! She will love it!
Thanks from Moo!

Ester DurĂ£es said...

OMG that sundae is so so beautiful!! I love it and I find it really inspiring, actually! that picture would make a great drawing in my opinion :D

Minnie Kitchen said...

what a fun blog with amazing works! nice to meet you!

dolcemente ( Ryoko ) said...

It is very cute!

I also have the same IKEA cup.

Otete said...

Ester- Thanks! That was an old one i made about a year ago!

Minnie- Nice to meet you too!

Ryokosan-Hawaii ni wa Ikea ga nainode L.A. no tomodachi ni okuttemoraundesu! Nihon no Ikea ga aita toki watashiwa Tokyo ni imashita! Sugoi telebi toka ni detemashita! Ato Ikea no denshya mo mimashita!