Friday, April 1, 2011

SWEETS DECO New Projects

Happy Aloha Friday FRIENDS!
Today I have some pics of some new things I 'm working on! Take a look!
Mini pops!

Teeny Jelly Beans! These are going on top of some new mini Ice Cream Parfaits!

Here they are!

I like this size!

Donut hooks are back!

I really had fun with the toppings!

Don't forget about the Japan relief cupcakes! I want to thank all my new Kawaii friends for their support!
There are only 2 left! 1 here and 1 in the Etsy shop. I will post more over the weekend!

A special shout out to new Kawaii Friends Cafe sponser, Madame Chocolate! Congratulations on the new web shop and expansion of the store, Blanca and staff! 
Now you can find my goods in Spain! Check out their ultra Kawaii shop with the link on my blog!-->
It's a Kawaii,Lolita,Gyaru,Hime, paradise!

Thanks for looking friends!
Have a sweets day!


RiS said...

Woow! everything looks very yummy!

Otete said...

Thank you new tomodachi! ;)
I love your minis!

Kevin said...

Oh, how fitting! xD Today is the 119th anniversary of the first documented Ice Cream Sundae!

Otete said...

Kevin- Cool! Thanks for that info! I'm gunna look it up now!

Anonymous said...

Theres a clear clay like that?
What brand is it if i may ask?

and did you colour it with acrylics or something? ..

So inspiring!

Otete said...

It's a resin clay whoever this is! I got it in japan it's called sukerukun.