Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pinechan Cafe soy pancakes and sweets!

Hi kawaii friends! Hope you are all well!
Today I went with my sister and her hubby to visit a friends new Cafe in Waikiki called Pinechan Cafe. It is next door to the popular Pineapple County boutique, and in the same space as Genius Lounge sake bar. Since the bar is not running during the day, Chef Shige has turned the space into a cafe that serves soy based, breakfast and sweets! Although it is not a Vegan alternative, every item has soy incorported into it. I found this to be true because I could taste a rich, deep, soy flavor in everything we tried!
Owner and operator, Shigesan, was a Pastry chef in Japan for 8 years before coming and falling in love with Hawaii. Because of his love for Japanese food, he recognized that there is a growing market for healthy alternatives like tofu and is testing out his concept at Pinechan Cafe! I think it's a great idea and hope it continues to grow!

                           Cute Banner! Located at: 346 Lewers St. in Waikiki behind Duty Free.
There's a lovely patio with outside seating.

We tried 2 different Soy shakes. One strawberry, and I am loving the banana one here! It really had a rich soy flavor that I've never tasted anywhere else!

Soy milk omelette with Cheddar. The soy milk makes it oh so fluffy!

Veggie salad on a soy pancake! Really light and healthy!

Teriyaki Kilbasa with salad on a soy pancake. This was a winner! The combanation of the savory sausage and slightly sweet soy pancake works very well! The salad adds a nice refreshing crunch too!

Peanut Butter cream soy pancakes! The kids are gunna love this!

Soy pancakes with Strawberries and Blueberries! A sweeter option!

Shigesan, workin on my omelette!

I really enjoyed everything and although we had tons of pancakes, I didn't feel heavy, like after a typical American breakfast!
It was a little too early for desserts, but we are difinitely going back soon for those! 
Here's a little about the fresh tofu they use:
Daizu Tei's Homemade Tofu!
Daizu Tei's tofu is made using only specially picked natural grown soybeans.
The concentration of soymilk is 15% which is #1 in the US!
It's hard to find tofu like this in Japan too!
The tofu has a rich taste because only the top quality natural bittern 
from Okinawa, Izu, and Hawaii are used.
Soybeans have ZERO CALORIE!
But they are rich in minerals and has the most prominent nutrition balance.
Daizu Tei's tofu is recommended for people that want to eat healthy!

For more info and pics, please visit their website at: (japanese)

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☆~Jenia~☆ said...

I find it a little weird that they serve everything on pancakes, don't you? lol but that omelet looks sooo good! it actually looks like something you make, I even thought at first it was one of your creations haha

Otete said...

Jenia-I grew up in Japan so it's totally normal to me! They usually eat it as a dessert and not breakfast. It is called a cake after all! lol
Think of it as like a savory crepe.
The omlette was the fluffiest one I've ever had!

dolcemente ( Ryoko ) said...

Soy products, love it!
Good for the skin, and I love it!

Otete said...

Ryokosan! itsuka Hawaii no koraretara tabeni ikoone!

tofuscloset said...

omg i am so psyching!!!!! i cannot wait to try!
and thank you because now i found mia's leashes! i got sasha the black and white polka dot leash and collar just now! =)

Otete said...

Now Moo and Sasha can match! Don't forget I got you the tofu cookies! I'll give it to you when we meet up!