Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SWEETS DECO Madame Chocolate Store!!!

Hi Kawaii friends!
This is a re-post of sweets that I made exclusively for the most Kawaii store in all of Spain called Madame Chocolate! Please visit their website with the link to the right --------------------------------> I swear it will be the cutest web store you have ever shopped in!
Owner Blanca, started a small store a year ago selling Japanese, Kawaii, Lolita, Hime, etc. and it got so popular that they just moved into a bigger, more beautiful space! They are renovating a historic building and it should be opening soon! It's in Barcelona for friends who live out there. I can't wait to see pictures!
I made a new logo button for the web store too. Hope they like it!


I get asked a lot to do wholesale but I never felt comforatable letting someone else make a profit off of my hand work but I really felt that this was a great fit and a great way to share my love for sweets deco in another part of the world!
Thank you to Blanca and staff! I love you!


Sarah said...

Hey! That's really exciting! ^^

I typically feel the same way about wholesale too. The store looks awesome though! And you have your new logo there so people can find you later if they want so it looks like you got an awesome deal!

Otete said...

SOoo worth it! =)

Madame Chocolat said...

Thank you so much to you too!
We're so happy to have your cute items here!!

Lots of kisses and hugs! ♡♡♡♡♡