Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SWEETS DECO Prep work for Art and Flea

Hi Kawaii Friends!
Just wanted to post some things I'm working on for the April Art and Flea event in Honolulu! I decided to package some goods to make it look more appealing. I hope it works!

New Japan relief cupcakes! I made some special heart shaped cherries too!

Mini mini Parfaits!

New packaging for some floating candy keychains!

Made more colors of baby pops and teeny jelly beans!

Hope to see all my Hawaii Kawaii friends there!

Thanks for looking!


RiS said...

Hello! Thank you very much for visiting my blog the other day!

Your works are amazing!!
Everything looks so real (^0^)
I hope you will have a great day at the event! Good luck!

Ganbatte kudasai ne ^^

Otete said...

Rissan- Arigato! Korekaramo yoroshikune!

Bit of Sugar said...

Have fun at Art & Flea. I was there last month and it was a great crowd :)

Otete said...

BOS-Yeah! I love art and flea~!

ババロア said...

Nice to meet you.
My name is called Bavarian.
It came from twitter.
It was very happy to see the photograph though it was not good at English.
Moreover, it comes.
I was going to follow twitter.

Otete said...

babaroasan-hajimemashite! yoroshiku!